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Why chemically polish glass, and why choose us?

We are specialists in chemical glass polishing.

Chemical glass polishing involves gradually dissolving the surface of the glass in a chemical bath composed of sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, water, and reaction products.

Compared to mechanical hand polishing of glass pieces, chemical polishing offers a unique opportunity to achieve the polishing of intricate cut decorations in a short time with 100% reliability.

The main advantage of our chemical glass polishing process in Kamenické Šenov is the unique possibility to chemically polish not only leaded glass, but above all different types of lead-free glass.

The high-quality polishing results in incredible brilliance while preserving the precise contours of the cut edges. In the same way, we are distinguished from other processors by the cleanliness of the working environment in the chemical polishing shop and special care for each polished piece of your glass.

We are a reliable partner for chemical glass polishing.

We look forward to welcoming you among our satisfied customers.

Top Quality

The reliability of equipment and careful handling of pieces are prerequisites for achieving exceptional quality.


By continuously monitoring the composition of baths and supervising the polishing process, we achieve unique results and open the doors to endless possibilities for the quality of your products.


When time is of the essence, we are your only choice. We deliver precise results without delay. “Our speed is your key to success.”


We are a flexible partner, when working on a contract, we adapt to your specific requirements and needs in order to achieve an optimal result.

We give every order the same care.
The best care.

What we offer

We will polish for you:






Artistic artifacts

Flat glass

Chemical polishing and rinsing:

Lead crystal >30% PbO

Leaded glass >24% PbO

Crystal glass – soda, potassium, soda-potash, or potassium-lime

Flat glass – soda-lime

Crystallin – barium, lithium – barium

Colored glasses

Opal glasses

Technology and Equipment

We have state of the art environmentally friendly technology for drum chemical polishing of glass products.

We have two drum lines available, whose operation is independent of each other. The dimensions of drums for chemical polishing of glass reach dimensions of up to 1 m.

A wide variety of chemically polished products is ensured by a modular system of inserts that allow us to chemically polish any shape of glass product.

The operation of chemical glass polishing technology meets strict ecological limits. The operation of the chemical polishing plant also includes the ecological neutralization of the generated waste. The burden on the environment is completely minimized.

How the order is executed


By making an inquiry, you initiate communication with us about your requirements. You can enter the request either via the form prepared HERE or by a separate email. Files with drawings that you may send for processing the offer should ideally be in JPG format.


After receiving your request for custom production and possibly clarifying the details, we will prepare an individual quotation with other relevant information to help you make a decision.

We use our expertise, modern equipment and detailed assessment of requirements and materials to ensure your satisfaction with the delivered order


If you agree with the quotation, we kindly request you to officially place your order. In the order, you provide information about yourself, specify the desired quantity, and the delivery date of the material for polishing. You may also place the order upon material delivery.

. After confirming the order and meeting the agreed conditions, we proceed to execute your order.


After the material for polishing is delivered, we can start working according to your order.

Using modern equipment and the diligence of our team of experts, we process the material with precision and care that meet both your and our internal quality requirements.


We perform a quality check and prepare the order for handover within the agreed timeframe according to the order or agreement.

Emphasizing your satisfaction, we strive to ensure a smooth process and trouble-free handover of the order.

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